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A Backhanded View of the Law
Irreverent Essays on Justice

Mordecai Rosenfeld,

introduction by Louis Auchincloss

"...fresh, beautifully written and humorous examinations of subjects as varied as the invasion of Panama, the true nature of Draco, Steinberg's Dairy Restaurant and age discrimination statutes...In short, Mordecai Rosenfeld's book is a find."
The Times Literary Supplement

"The one bright thing to look forward to in the mail is the regular advent of the Mordecai Rosenfeld essay."
Geoffrey Lane
Lord Chief Justice of England

"...any Rosenfeld essay can be a tonic to restore the spirits."

Dee Brown Author,
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

236 pages, 6 x 9.
First published in 1992 by Ox Bow Press.

Cloth $24.95  $12.50   ISBN 0-918024-90-0

The Shakespeare Transcripts

Mark P. Friedlander, Jr. and Robert W. Kenny

"Clever and amusing..." 
Publishers Weekly

"A plot of historical and academic intrigue. Recommended for armchair Shakespeareans."
Library Journal

The Shakespeare Transcripts is a romantic mystery, a fictional account of a trial between Sir Francis Bacon and William Shakespeare, litigating the authorship of the Shakespeare plays. The book builds to two exciting climaxes separated by four centuries.

280 pages, 6x9.
First published in 1993 by Ox Bow Press.

Cloth $24.95 $12.50   ISBN 0-918024-94-3

Style, Rhetoric and Rhythm

Morris W. Croll

Morris Croll's essays on Renaissance prose style have long been admired for their quiet brilliance. His essays address a critical moment in European culture: the classical model of rhetoric, sustained by the imposing authority of Cicero, gives way to prose styles that emphasize the privacy and uniqueness of individual conciousness. Croll's descriptions of an "Attic style" that came to oppose the intellectual premises of Ciceronian rhetoric have never been surpassed. His capacity to relate stylistic innovations to the premises underlying modern writing and culture further testifies to the boldness of his critical method.

450 pages, 6 x 9.
Reprint of first edition published 1966.

Paper $25. $12.50   ISBN 0-918024-67-6

Cloth $42.
$21.00   ISBN 0-918024-66-8

The Individual in the Animal Kingdom

Julian Huxley

"Organisms, especially animals, that are simultaneously individuals and colonies, pose dilemmas. They call into question all of our notions of individuality. The Huxley book, and its scientific and philosophical quandries are as current now, or even more so, than they were in 1912."
Lynn Margulis

...The major portion of this book is devoted to showing that living matter always tends to group itself into these 'closed, independent systems with harmonious parts.' Though the closure is never complete, the independence never absolute, the harmony never perfect, yet systems and tendency alike have real existence. Such systems I personally believe can be identified with the Individuals treated by the philosopher, and I have tried to establish this belief. - Preface

169 + xv pages, 5 1/4 x 8.
Reprint of fiirst edition published in 1912.

Cloth $29.95  $15.00   ISBN 1-881987-05-1

Cosmic Joy & Local Pain
Musings of a Mystic Scientist

Harold J. Morowitz

Inspired by the ideas of Benedict Spinoza, Gautama Buddha, Henry Thoreau, and the philosophers of evolution, Morowitz presents an overview of our knowledge of the earth, the skies, the oceans, and living organisms. Starting from the wondrous interrelatedness of all things, he finds the god of Spinoza within the tao of science. Thus emerges a natural theology that eases the sharp conflicts between science and religion.

CONTENTS: Help Wanted: Philosopher ­ The Sabbatical Year ­ Evolution and Creation ­ Knowing and Guessing ­ Rocks of Ages ­ Energy Flow ­ Fitness and Design ­ Propaedeutics ­ An Unusal Substance ­ Hot and Cold Air ­ Water, Water Everywhere ­ What Is Life? ­ History of the Universe ­ The Origin of Life ­ The Evolution of Organic Forms ­ Teilhard's Vision ­ Mind and Matter ­ An Abode of Life ­ Pantheism and Design ­ Credo of a Mystical Scientist.

321 pages, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2.
Published by Charles Scribner's Sons in 1987.

Cloth $18.95  $9.50   ISBN 0-684-18443-5

Rhetoric and the Rise of Self-Consciousness

Mark Backman

In this book, Mark Backman argues that our modernity is controlled by five principles that were first enunciated during the fifth century B.C., in Greece, as the basis of the art of rhetoric: Words are tools; Images are real; Information is power; Change is inevitable; Truth is relative.

200 pages, 6 x 9.
First published in 1992 by Ox Bow Press.

Cloth $24.95  $12.50    ISBN 918024-91-9

The Taming of the Nations

F.S.C. Northrop

This work has been hailed for its exposition of key philosophic principles, as well as its prophetic insights into the internal and external relations of specific political cultures. Perhaps most remarkable are Northrop's comments which foresaw the recent resurgence of Islamic culture.

362 + xvi pages, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2.
Reprint of first edition published 1952.

Paper $20.  $10.00   ISBN 0-918024-46-3

Cloth $30.
 $15.00    ISBN 0-918024-45-5


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