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The Shakespeare Transcripts

Mark P. Friedlander, Jr. and Robert W. Kenny

"Clever and amusing..." 
Publishers Weekly

"A plot of historical and academic intrigue. Recommended for armchair Shakespeareans."
Library Journal

The Shakespeare Transcripts is a romantic mystery, a fictional account of a trial between Sir Francis Bacon and William Shakespeare, litigating the authorship of the Shakespeare plays. The book builds to two exciting climaxes separated by four centuries.

280 pages, 6x9.
First published in 1993 by Ox Bow Press.

Cloth $24.95    ISBN 0-918024-94-3

Hawaiian Mystery Series by Mark Brown

Game Face

"An exciting and entertaining mystery."


Ben McMillen, part Hawaiian, part haole, had resigned from the Kona police force. But Ben is called back to help when his ex-partner's wife is raped and murdered. As he investigates the homicide, another takes place, and Kona is suddenly terrorized by a serial killer.

304 pages, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2. First in series.

Cloth $19.95    ISBN 0-918024-92-7


"The unique geological and cultural ethos of the Hawaiian islands permeates this second Ben McMillen mystery...solid cohesive tale."
Library Journal

Fifty years after the attack on Pearl Harbor Ben McMillan's life is threatened as he tries to identify the body of a WWII spy. What he finds is an amazing act of heroism from the days before the bombing.

256, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2. Second in series.

Cloth $19.95    ISBN 0-918024-93-5

The Puna Kahuna

"Brown takes a big chance blending myth and religion with modern-day elements in his suspenseful tale; he succeeds admirably."

Publishers Weekly

This mystery involves the clash of traditional Hawaiian culture and the new technology of geothermal energy. Has one of the anti-drilling activists committed murder, or is it a frame up? And what other secrets are buried in the Puna rain forest?

296 pages, 6 x 9. Third in series.

Cloth $19.95    ISBN 1-881987-02-7


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