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Natural Philosophy

The Meeting of East and West

F.S.C. Northrop

F. S. C. Northrop in this perceptive work was one of the first Americans to understand the significant features of eastern culture, and to grasp its potential for influencing the rest of the world.

Contents: The Contemporary World ­ The Rich Culture of Mexico ­ The Free Culture of the United States ­ Unique Elements in British Democracy ­ German Idealism ­ Russian Communism ­ Roman Catholic Culture and Greek Science ­ The Meaning of Western Civilization ­ The Traditional Culture of the Orient ­ The Meaning of Eastern Civilization ­ Contemporary India, Japan, and China ­ The Solution of the Basic Problem ­ Practical Wisdom.

531 + xxii pages, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2.
Reprint of first edition published in 1946.

Paper $30.    ISBN 0-918024-11-0

Cloth $45.
   ISBN 0-918024-10-2

The Logic of the Sciences and the Humanities

F.S.C. Northrop

This work explores the potential for bringing scientific verification and its attendant agreement into the world of ideological humanistic controversy.

Contents: The Initiation of Inquiry ­ The Analysis of the Problem ­ The Natural History Stage of Inquiry ­ The Stage of Deductively Formulated Theory ­ The Possible Concepts by Intuition and Concepts by Postulation as a Basic Terminology for Comparative Philosophy ­ The Two Kinds of Deductively Formulated Theory ­ Epistemic Correlations and Operational Definitions ­ The Method and Theories of Physical Science in Their Bearing on Biological Organization ­ The Functions and Future of Poetry ­ Body and Mind ­ The Concept of Probability in Quantum Mechanics ­ Causality in Field Physics in Its Bearing upon Biological Causation ­ The Method and Limited Predictive Power of Classical Economic Science ­ Generalizations in Social Science ­ Pareto's General Sociology ­ The Ideological Problems of Social Science ­ The Criterion of the Good State ­ Philosophical Method and World Peace ­ Toward a Bill of Rights for the United Nations ­ Educational Method for World Understanding ­ The Scientific Method for Determining the Normative Social Theory of Ends of Human Action ­ The Physical Sciences, Philosophy and Human Values ­ The Methods and Grounds of Religious Knowledge ­ Logic and Civilization.

402 + xiv pages, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2.
Reprint of first edition published in 1947.

Paper $27.    ISBN 0-918024-31-5

The Taming of the Nations

F.S.C. Northrop

This work has been hailed for its exposition of key philosophic principles, as well as its prophetic insights into the internal and external relations of specific political cultures. Perhaps most remarkable are Northrop's comments which foresaw the recent resurgence of Islamic culture.

362 + xvi pages, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2.
Reprint of first edition published 1952.

Paper $20.  $10.00   ISBN 0-918024-46-3

Cloth $30.
 $15.00    ISBN 0-918024-45-5

Science and First Principles

F.S.C. Northrop

Northrop was years ahead of his time when he set down Science and First Principles in 1931. This work demonstrates Northrop's grasp of the deep epistemological significance of the twentieth-century revolution in science.

Contents: The Significance of Contemporary Scientific Thought ­ The Theory of Relativity ­ Quantum and Wave Mechanics and Thermodynamics ­ The Living Organism ­ Man ­ The Foundations of Experience and Knowledge.

299 + xvii pages, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2.
Reprint of first edition published in 1931.

Cloth $32.    ISBN 0-918024-08-0

The Prolegomena to a 1985 Philosophiae Naturalis Principia

F.S.C. Northrop

Using the spirit of the Alexandrian synthesis of science and philososphy, Northrop unfolds the humanistic implications underlying Einstein's theory of relativity and Heisenberg's formulation of quantum physics.

73 + xvi pages, 6 x 9.
First published in 1985 by Ox Bow Press.

Cloth $30.    ISBN 0-918024-35-8

Open Vistas

Henry Margenau

Margenau here takes the layman to the frontier in several sciences, and discusses the philosophical implications suggested by current thinking in these fields. Open Vistas considers such matters as scientific method, the nature of facts, esthetics and relativity, and the interrelationship of reality, determinism, and human choice.

256 pages, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2.
Reprint of first edition published1961.

Paper $18.    ISBN 0-918024-28-5

Cloth $26.
   ISBN 0-918024-27-7

The Nature of Physical Reality

Henry Margenau

This modern classic in the philosophy of science integrates the author's perspective as a theoretical physicist with his erudition in philosophy to explore the underlying epistemological structure of modern science. Margenau's development of constructionalism continues to be regarded as a lasting contribution to the theory of knowledge.

479 + xiii pages, 6 x 9.
Reprint of first edition published in 1950.

Paper $25.    ISBN 0-918024-03-X

Cloth $35.
   ISBN 0-918024-02-1


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