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Cape Horn

Felix Riesenberg

"Captain Riesenberg's Cape Horn is...one of the truly great contributions to the literature of the sea..."
The New York Times

"A grand big volume for mariners, whether old salts or armchair sailors."
The New Yorker

Long out of print, Riesenberg's Cape Horn is one of those monumental books that surrounds a subject. The story of the Cape Horn region, including the Straits of Magellan, from the days of the first discoverers, through the glorious age of sail, to the present time; recounting the exploits of Magellan, Drake, Schouten, Fitzroy, Darwin, Melville, and many others. A splendid narrative by a professional mariner who knew his subject backwards and forwards , and who rounded the Cape himself, this book makes Cape Horn real to those who have never been there and will give a chill of recognition to those who have.

468 + xii pages, 6 1/8 x 9 1/4.
Reprint of first edition printed in 1939.

Cloth $39.95    ISBN 1-881987-04-3

An Island To Oneself

Tom Neale

"One of the classic books of the South Pacific."
Latitude 38

"An unforgettable tale of peril, beauty, and solitude..."

What we have all now and then dreamed of doing, Tom Neale didgo and live alone on a desert island. For years while storekeeping in the South Pacific, he planned, read and talked until the great day when he was landed on his little kingdom, aware of, but undismayed by the fact that he would have to struggle with the full strength of body and mind to survive. Neale's gripping account of his years spent alone on Suvarov is an unforgettable tale of peril, beauty, and solitude.

255 pages, 5 1/2 x 8 1/4.
Reprint of first edition published 1966.

Cloth $24.95    ISBN 0-918024-76-5

Fifty South to Fifty South

Warwick M. Tompkins

Record of the voyage of the Wander Bird, an eighty-five-foot pilot boat, around Cape Horn. Captain Tompkins had sailed the Wander Bird over 80,000 miles before he attempted this trip, which began at Tangier and ended at San Francisco.

268 pages, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2. 111 Photographs.
Reprint of first edition published 1938.

Paper $24.95    ISBN 1-881987-16-7

Rhyming in the Rigging Poems of the Sea

Edited By: L. Harry

"One of the best anthologies of sea poems we have seen."
National Fisherman

Collected in this volume are over a hundred sea poems, favorites of those salty souls who dream of wind and waves. Among the selections are historical verse, drinking songs, humorous ditties, sentimental ballads, and dramatic poems.

174 pages, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2.
First published in 1978 by Ox Bow Press.

Paper $8.95    ISBN 0-918024-05-6

Cloth $20.    ISBN 0-918024-04-8

The Hawaiian Voyages of the Ono Jimmy

Steve Dixon

"The Hawaiian Voyages of the Ono Jimmy is a warm, personal account of the fun, thrills and romance of sailing Hawaiian waters. Readers who live in Hawaii will recapture their own experiences and others will be drawn to some of the finest sailing in the world", says Earl Hinz, noted author of Landfills of Paradise, Sail Before Sunset, and many other sea stories and articles.

"Read this book. Lots of inside information."
-Latitudes & Attitudes

"Fun to read and even reread. You'll love it."
-The Honolulu Star Bulletin

148 pages, 7 x 8 1/2.

Paper $19.95    ISBN 0-9663624-0-3


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